Customer Charters – a real benefit or just marketing hype?

Customer Charters – a real benefit or just marketing hype?
Stewart Waddell
Written by Stewart Waddell
Friday, 07 February 2014 09:39

In our daily and business life we are surrounded by price promises, money back guarantees and customer charters. The supermarkets are waging a price match war, but they can’t all be the cheapest, so consumers are becoming cynical and doubting the hype.


So when is a guarantee worth taking notice of?

The problem with guarantees and promises in the service sectors, such as outsourced payroll, is that simple price comparisons are not valid. Other factors such as quality of experience, flexibility and personal service are often more important in the day to day experience of the customer.
The problem is that many companies claim to be good in these areas. In fact, terms such as quality and personal service have almost become ‘wallpaper’ as they are claimed by all yet proven by few. So when you are looking for a supplier who claims these guarantees, look for some specifics. What will they do to make sure these claims happen?

At Dataplan we are committed to providing a level of service that pushes that extra mile to ensure our customers are happy with our Outsourced Payroll service and recommend Dataplan to all their business contacts.

We have a Customer Charter and that Charter has been designed around what our customer expects –

1. Pay all your employees correctly and on time
2. Process and manage your payroll in the UK at our Head office in Grimsby
3. Provide you with a named Payroll contact who will look after your account and hold your hand when you need it
4. Supply you a direct number and email address of your Payroll Hero at Dataplan
5. Respond promptly to telephone calls and emails you send us
6. Check the data that we receive from you in case something looks different than normal
7. Ensure we always look after your data and take security seriously
8. Build a strong working relationship by being friendly and helpful at all times, we want the long term connection for many years

Behind each of these are processes, staff training and expertise to make it happen and deliver a high quality outsourced payroll service, at the right price.

If this sounds like the service you want but don’t get from your provider at the moment then look no further for an alternative contact us our award winning payroll services company on 03331 123456 or use our smart call back system.





Stewart Waddell

Stewart is our Operations Director and is responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly for all 1000+ customers. Stewart also manages our systems and staff. He also helps with the development of Dataplan's innovative technology solutions like our ePayslips solution and VERA HR to name a few.

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