Written by Stewart Waddell
Published on November 27, 2009

Royal Mail postal Strikes have again caused disruption to UK businesses during November. The delays that this cause again causes disruption to payroll outsourcing providers and employers. Is it time for companies to switch to receiving more information electronically we ask?

Confidence in electronic exchange of financial information has grown significantly over the last few years. Business Application Software Developers Association (BASDA) members are now using XML to exchange documents with trading partners. And with HMRC supporting online PAYE filing for P45's P46's and year end P14 and P35 details there is growing level of commitment to electronic transmission of data by businesses.

The Royal Mail strikes which took place in November should now prompt a further groundswell of interest in this method of transferring data electronically, and an growth in companies using electronic formats. For the payroll sector there is an increasing move to self service epayslips for employees and to dedicated payroll portals, like Paysafe, for employers.

Over the last few weeks We have had an increase in the number of clients switching to our Paysafe system. The benefits of the system are the clients are able to check and approve payroll reports and payslips and are not reliant on the postal system.

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