Dataplan Staff support the Grimsby Show Box appeal

Dataplan team members Julie Atkin, Lucy Brewitt, and Fiona Clark have been helping provide a lifeline to children and families facing unimaginable levels of poverty.  

Grimsby Shoeboxes is a charitable association based at The Ice House in Victor Street, Grimsby. It was set up to gather donations of items suitable for redistribution to established charities, including Teams4U (T4U), The Jacob's Well Appeal and The Corabia Foundation.  

These charities provide relief and assistance to people in any part of the world who are victims of poverty, war, natural disaster, trouble or catastrophe.  

Grimsby Shoeboxes also supports individuals and families in the local community. 

An eye-opening experience     

The Dataplan trio helped out as part of IRIS and Dataplan’s ‘Giving Back’ days. 

Soon after arriving at The Ice House, Julie, Lucy, and Fiona soon saw the sheer scale of Grimsby Shoeboxes’ effort – a warehouse-sized space filled with boxes destined to help children in Eastern Europe, including on the Ukrainian border. 

A significant number of shoeboxes were also set aside for those facing the worst poverty in Grimsby. 

“We were given a tour of the charity at The Ice House – we never expected the operation to be as big as it was,” Fiona said. “Then an organiser shared some photos of the children and the families Grimsby Shoeboxes was helping.” 

“The people they help have nothing,” Julie added. “They are poorer than you can ever imagine. There are children in -15oc who don’t have any shoes – and they are so grateful for everything they get.  

“One family the charity was working with was living out of two rooms one year; the next, it was just one. The reason was that the second room had collapsed.” 

The Dataplan staff soon got to work putting boxes together for different aged children. Items included things to write with, clothing and cuddly toys. 

A lasting commitment to help 

By the end of the day, the three of them had felt so moved they set a date to go back and pledged to help all year round. 

Fiona said: “I’ll be taking my son to help out in the holidays. It’s important for young people to appreciate what Grimsby Shoeboxes does and to learn how desperate the people they help are.” 

“What they do at Grimsby Shoeboxes is unforgettable,” Lucy said. “Our Corporate Pensions team is going to be supporting this important cause on an ongoing basis. We’re calling for donations at any time of the year, and we’re going back to help pack the boxes whenever we’re able to.  

“Anyone who wants to donate can come to us, and we can take your items on your behalf. 

“Whatever our Dataplan heroes can do to help support Grimsby Shoeboxes will make all the difference.” 

What can you donate? 

The following donations are accepted by Grimsby Shoeboxes: 

  • Toiletries - toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, flannels, sponges, nail varnish, nail brushes, manicure sets, cotton buds, perfume, aftershave, make-up, mirrors, lip balm, tissues, plasters, bandages, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion 
  • Hair items - brushes, combs, slides, bobbles, scrunchies, hairbands 
  • Toys - dolls, cars, skipping ropes, cuddly toys/teddies, puzzles, dominoes, balls, marbles, games, playing cards, card games, whistles, harmonicas, building bricks 
  • Craft items - glue, glue sticks, stickers, beads, glitter, craft scissors, Sellotape etc. 
  • Stationery - pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, geometry sets, crayons, notebooks, paper, colouring books, pencil cases, stickers, paper clips, stencils 
  • Clothing - hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, tights, socks, pop socks, belts, T-shirts, new underwear 
  • Costume jewellery - necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, badges, earrings 
  • Other items - small ornaments, picture frames, wallets, bags, purses, wind-up torches, candles, clothes pegs, tea towels, reusable plastic cutlery/bowls/plates/mugs/containers. 

Take all donations to Dataplan’s Corporate Pensions Team at the Prince Albert Gardens office. 

Written by Alison Clynes
Published on November 22, 2022

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