Written by Alison Clynes
Published on July 10, 2009

Payroll is a critical part of any business and few people aside from those that do payroll have any real idea of how involved it really is. Payroll deals with the processing of all pay factors for all employees. This involves the calculating of all employee salaries and benefits.

It also means all deductions from employees for income tax, garnishments, insurance and any other general deductions. Add to that all staff wages, re-imbursement of business expenses paid by employees for travel and entertainment and the picture gets clearer of the complexities of payroll.

It is therefore not surprising at all that the majority of companies today opt for outsourcing this vital task to reputable experts at a payroll bureau.

Savings seldom thought of

When debating whether to outsource to a payroll bureau, benefits most often thought of is the timely handling of the payroll function.  The correctness and the smooth interaction with Inland Revenue are the other important criteria for most businesses. The savings that happen behind the scene are just as important though. The payroll bureau also takes care of all IT equipment maintenance and payroll software purchasing and upgrading.

They use sophisticated and state of the art integrated database management to provide payroll administration that is customised to each client's needs.

Their services come with complete client confidentiality which is vitally important for any business. The business owner is relieved of the burden of payroll, thus can concentrate all his energies in running his business profitably.