Now that the dust has settled on what has been Dataplan’s busiest April yet for new customers, it’s time to find out just how well we are doing.

Our 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey will be launched shortly giving our 1200+ clients the chance to offer their feedback and suggestions on our payroll services.

It’s all well and good talking the talk when it comes to customer service, but we’re confident the survey results will show we are delivering exactly what we promise: “A highly personal service in a sector full of faceless payroll bureaus.”  constantly striving to tailor our service to each client’s specific needs, the survey is integral to us meeting this objective. Asking our customer base what they think each year is critical to our business.

Furthermore, the results help us measure how much we have changed since last year, and what we can do even better in the future for our customers, getting it right and providing customers with the payroll service they want is key to what we provide at Dataplan.

Written by Alex Hay
Published on May 9, 2014