Whether it’s a call abroad, or a lengthy wait in a customer service line when calling a premium rate number, we usually only find out the true cost of these calls once it’s too late, and there’s a pricey entry on your phone bill at the end of the month.

Historically Dataplan Payroll had an local 01472 number, the majority of our customers are UK based so we introduced a local call 0845 number back in 2006 so everyone can benefit from calling us at a local rates.

Know Your 08 Numbers

For a lot of businesses, it’s common place to operate a 08 number, which is a non-geographic number. It’s a misconception that all of these numbers are charged at extortionate rates, in order for the company to profit. For some numbers this can be the case, such as those starting in 0844 and 0871, where the revenue can be shared between the phone provider and the company you are calling. This isn’t, however, the case for small companies operating a 0845 number. If you’re unsure on how much a call will cost you, just check online before you ring, so you don’t get a nasty surprise on your bill.

Calling 0845 from a landline

The charge of calling a 0845 number from a landline can actually be included in your calling plan (as long as the call is under an hour). However, unless this is stated, you should expect to have to pay extra for these calls. For BT customers, this is just 2.042 pence per minute during the day(1). For other phone companies the price will differ and you’ll be able to find these out on your providers’ website.

Calling 0845 from Your Mobile

For mobiles, the cost again depends on your provider; however this fluctuates much more wildly than landlines. EE, for example, charge a whopping 40p per minute, whereas Vodafone charge 14p. Even at 26p per minute cheaper, this is still considerably more than landline costs.

What Dataplan Recommend

In order to avoid an unexpected entry on your phone bill, we recommend you always call us from your landline, and be aware of any attached prices of such calls. If you find you are making a high amount of 08 calls from your business phone, it is worth enquiring with your provider if there is a calling plan where these are inclusive.

Written by Alex Hay
Published on June 16, 2014