Increasingly, Dataplan are finding clients being held completely to ransom by providers charging extortionate exit fees or adding hidden costs to transfer information back to the Company or in the cases we have found switching across from another Payroll Outsourcing Bureau to Dataplan.

Customer Care Dataplan PayrollThis Jekyll and Hide act is common amongst the larger providers in the UK Market who know that the information is vital for the companies next payroll period and attempt to receive an unjust Golden farewell. (You know who you are)

The outsourcing of any service or provision should always be approached carefully and responsibly by Businesses of all sizes. Normally, the process involves a transfer of confidential information from the client to the new provider and it is here when customers decide to leave a provider that they can sometimes feel that knife in the back. 

It is important to be sure you are allowing someone to give you directions without relinquishing the reigns altogether. 

Our Worry is that all Payroll Bureaus become tarnished with the same brush which is certainly not the case and companies like ourselves take an immense amount of pride in the services we deliver to all our customers from the start of a contract to the very end  should it do so.

Written by Stewart Waddell
Published on March 18, 2014