We are working on a couple of new features for ePaysafe and expect these to launch in May. The first of these is an opt in text messaging service for your payroll reports.

For those of us that sit at a desk all day receiving emails from ePaysafe telling you that reports are ready to approve is simple and easy. If you are not in the office full time then it may be a while before you realise that something is needed. In fact Most of our clients are not office based, and we feel this will be a great feature of those clients who are out and about and on the road.

So in May we will be giving you the option to enter your mobile number into ePaysafe. Once your payroll is ready and uploaded by Dataplan team onto ePaysafe you will receive a text message as a prompt to let you know that your payroll is ready to be actioned.

Written by Stewart Waddell
Published on April 16, 2010