Written by Stewart Waddell
Published on June 20, 2017

Considering payroll outsourcing, but worried that your new payroll provider may not be able to offer you split-employee multiple job roles?

Well, Dataplan Payroll have this solution as standard for any customer that requires more than one role on a payslip. This is widely a requirement from our 500+ school payroll customers. I also find that our London-based charity customers value this feature, which can breakdown costs and payments per project.

Our payroll service includes a full breakdown of role information, payments by role and costs split per role and by pay element.

Payroll reports also provide the data to see the cost splits where needed across whole teams, groups or companies. So, when considering payroll outsourcing, it’s important to bear in mind that payroll means so much more than just the bog-standard calculation and corresponding payment. At Dataplan, time and resources are invested within the setup process, to ensure that any back end data a customer may need is supplied clearly and efficiently.

Running alongside all of this – a major added complication to payroll management in recent years has been the introduction of auto-enrolment, brought about by the Pensions Act 2008; at Dataplan, we do all we can to make the transition to auto-enrolment as seamless as possible and ensure compliance with legislation in this area. Bespoke reporting, to highlight the cost and other implications of auto-enrolment for your payroll, is an area of particular specialism for Dataplan.

In summary, the complexity of payroll – and its consequent scope as a rich data analysis tool – is vast. At Dataplan Payroll, we help our customers tap into this, securing the very best results for their organisational needs and making the world of payroll a super one, because we can!