Computer says No

No matter how modern , sophisticated ,waterproof ,fireproof , bulletproof and fool proof your computer may claim to be , we’ve all found ourselves in a scenario where hours of work seem to disappear, defying literally every logical solution you can muster in your new found fit of rage .

The purpose of my short blog is not to remind you of such experiences, but to simply reinforce the idea that backing up your data is an absolute must to save you time and money (and potential murder charges).

   It’s important to know your enemy and here are the main culprits in a sudden data disappearing act:

  • Power surges – not only do they immediately switch off a computer , a surge can also damage or destroy an internal hard drive.
  • Virus – Harmful software that is always becoming more powerful, invasive and damaging. A virus can destroy or export any data in a matter of seconds . ( Anti virus software equally important as back ups )
  • Incompatible Software – Some software just plain hates other features that may be running on your computers. It can automatically amend settings just to fit in, potentially wiping previous data.
  • Lost / Stolen Property – Technology is expensive and always valuable to someone , make sure you don’t get caught out !

Specific to Payroll, a sudden and irreversible loss of data would be nothing short of a disaster. Thankfully the majority of large companies use a number of servers and network storage areas to protect themselves as do we at Dataplan.

For smaller businesses, external hard drives and USB devices can act as an external storage system that can be just as effective when handled responsibly. Taking the time to create a procedure for data storage is important, knowing where your external hard drive is stored and who is responsible for it, will go a long way in protecting you and your employees important and sensitive data .

At Dataplan having a backup plan is critical to our operations; we have the most advanced backup processes including a secondary DR site which ensures a smooth continuation of service should any gremlins or problems hit us which then ensures our computers only say “Yes”.!

Written by Stewart Waddell
Published on February 20, 2014