Written by Stewart Waddell
Published on October 1, 2012

There seems to be an increasing trend in the outsourcing market for global players to look for cheaper and cheaper ways to deliver service. Often this means a global approach to delivering their service.

The payroll outsourcing market is very competitive and the likes of Northgate, ADP, Moorepay, Ceridian etc are rightly looking for ways to improve their own bottom lines by delivering services with the lowest costs to them.

At Dataplan this is not what we are about. We believe in a fair rate and expect to deliver excellence in customer service and to do this we need to take a local approach. We think we have got the balance right.

Based in Lincolnshire we don't suffer from large overheads maintaining a balance of low accommodation costs and avoiding high London salary scales with the ease of access to our 1000+ customers across the country. Our ties to the area are stronger when you understand that our parent company, Forrester Boyd Chartered Accountants are also based in Lincolnshire serving the needs of many businesses throughout the region.

We take our customer service commitment further too. We don't have call centres because we know this is one of the major frustrations. At Dataplan you speak directly with our team of 35 payroll processors who look after your payroll month in month out.

If you'd like to consider the alternative to those major national and global payroll providers please get in touch. We'd be delighted to talk to you about building a payroll solution that meets and exceeds all of your needs.